Puritan way of life essay

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Puritan way of life essay

Through each elegy that Bradstreet writes her pain and grief grows stronger while each poem gets shorter. Bradstreet goes through a transformation of complete faith to it being shattered.

Puritanism and Predestination, Divining America, TeacherServe®, National Humanities Center

Through all her pain Bradstreet uses the Puritan way of thinking and embraces faith towards God to keep going through life. This religious movement believed in the existence of God, but did not follow his teachings laid out by scripture.

Instead it was the belief that God left the world in the hands of man to control the outcomes. The Laws of Nature, physics, science, and other types of analysis methods were ideas that help back Deist thinking.

Puritan way of life essay

Puritans greatly disliked this method of life because it directly inverted their own beliefs that unlocking the rules of the world was in Gods own hands, not by ours.

Writers such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson contributed to this new upcoming way of thinking. Benjamin Franklin in The Autobiography put together a new model of life in which to follow.

The idea behind this came from looking critically to his ancestors, developing ideas with an ordering system and then testing his theory to reach a conclusion. One should strive to hold values of virtue to thirteen different elements which includes things such as silence, order, and humility.

Jefferson then contributes his effort in the Deist movement with The Declaration of Independence. With the earths outcomes in the hands of man they are entitled to change the effects they have on it. Jefferson is proven a Deist thinker because he uses this statement to explain that the establishment of a government is the right of man given by God.

Puritan thinking and the eighteenth-century Deist thinking conflicted in many ways. Although both acknowledged the existence of God, it was only through the Puritan model of living that used the teachings of God to explain that what happens is through His actions.

On the other hand Deist thinking believes that Gd left the earth to mankind and it is by the actions of man they can pursue their own way of life. This is viewed through the literature in those times as well. In turn Franklin describes a way of living where you give yourself self examination, not through religious practice with God, but with virtues and a self-guide to happiness through order.

In conclusion, both ways of thinking express different ways to proceed through every ay life. The literature expressed by the mentioned authors details their thinkings and the best way to live under those methods.

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AMERICAN TRANSCENDENTALISM: AN INDIGENOUS CULTURE OF CRITIQUE American Transcendentalism A History Philip F. Gura New York: Hill and Wang, Reviewed by Kevin MacDonald The Occidental Quarterly 8(2), , Summer, The Puritan way of life was a religious way of hinging that was driven by one underlining thought, God rules all.

To be more specific Puritans expressed God as a way of life . Puritan-vs-Diest thinking Essay Models of Living Puritan religion and eighteenth century Deist thinking are two different movements - Puritan-vs-Diest thinking Essay introduction.

Puritan marriage normally was repressed so as not to distract their life from their devotion to God. In that time, women normally passed away before men. It was very common for men in that time to remarry rather quickly after the death of his wife to make sure the family is taken care of.

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