Relational database design case study

Although it is constructed in such a way as to allow easy translation to the relational schema model, this is not an entirely trivial process.

Relational database design case study

Introduction During the last months, I had great fun presenting a series of articles about the mSQL database and using it to introduce the reader to Web and Java database programming. The feedback I received from you was amazing and inspiring, thanks a lot!

Relational database design case study

So far the articles were about "how to start". We had many examples that I tried to make as close to real and useful applications as I could. But, to create real-world applications, you need more knowledge than simply programming practices. A topic of great importance is to understand how to make a proper design of relational databases.

Object databases are not so new. There are many mature products with years on the market but "the big ones" are just now trying to incorporate some of their features. Actually I guess we will stick with Relational Databases for a long time to come, despite all the hype regarding Object Databases.

The Relational model is not only very mature, but it has developed a strong knowledge on how to make a relational back-end fast and reliable, and how to exploit different technologies such as massive SMP, Optical jukeboxes, clustering and etc.

Object databases are nowhere near to this, and I do not expect then to get there in the short or medium term. The reason for my belief is that Relational Databases have a very well-known and proven underlying mathematical theory, a simple one the set theory that makes possible automatic cost-based query optimization, schema generation from high-level models and many other features that are now vital for mission-critical Information Systems development and operations.

Maybe the pure Object Databases will never reach these capabilities of Relational Databases. The Object paradigm is already proven for application design and development, but it may simply not be an adequate paradigm for the data store.

I think so because a true Object Database is general graph. The graph theory plays a great role on computer science, but is also a great source of unbeatable problems, the NP-complex class: This is not a current technological limit.

It's a limit inherent to the problem domain. Hybrid Object-Relational databases will probably be the long term solution for the industry. They put a thin object layer above the relational structure, thus providing a syntax and semantics closer to the object oriented design and programming tools.

Anyway, I hope by the examples you'll get a nice understanding on the subject. If you want to get a deeper understanding on the subject, I recommend the book "An Introduction to Database Systems" by C.

What is a Relational Database?

Fidel A. Captain - Six-Step Relational Database Design

A relational database stores all its data inside tables, and nothing more. All operations on data are done on the tables themselves or produces another tables as the result.

You never see anything except for tables. A table is a set of rows and columns. This is very important, because a set does not have any predefined sort order for its elements.

Each row is a set of columns with only one value for each. All rows from the same table have the same set of columns, although some columns may have NULL values, i.Tables represent entities, which are unique items like people, objects, and relationships about which we wish to store row represents an instance of the entity.

In the above example, each row represents an instance of one donor. In relational database terminology, an instance is known as a record, but the terms row or tuple are also used.

The second edition of Six-Step Relational Database Design™ contains a new chapter on implementation that goes through the steps necessary to implement the designs on a relational database management system, clearly relating the design to implementation and database theory.

And like the first edition, it uses three case studies that start with /5(92). Comprehensive Relational Database Design and Development for Local Church: A Teaching Case Study Muhammed Miah [email protected] Adnan Omar [email protected] Department of Computer Information Systems Southern University at New Orleans New Orleans, LA Abstract.

Purchase Relational Database Design and Implementation - 4th Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN , This book covers relational database theory as well as providing a solid introduction to SQL, the international standard for the relational database data manipulation language.

Database Design Case Study . This exercise asks you to download the case study for the course project Relational Database Design.

Relational database design case study

This Oracle Data Modeling and Relational Database Design training covers the Data Modeling and Database Development process and the models that are used at each phase of the lifecycle.

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